XLMedia Teams Up with Better Change to Promote Safer Gambling through WhichBingo Partnership – Focusing on Social Responsibility

Two major players in the online gambling industry have joined forces to promote safer wagering resources for players and gaming providers. WhichBingo and Better Change have announced a long-term partnership aimed at ensuring that betting on sports, playing bingo, or spinning a slot remains a safe and positive experience for everyone involved.

The partnership comes at the start of Safer Gambling Week in the UK, with the goal of providing the best offers, tips, reviews, and odds to those who want them, while also encouraging mindfulness in gambling. The larger partnership with Better Change will also extend to WhichBingo’s parent company, XLMedia.

WhichBingo, which exclusively works with UK-licensed operators, is committed to featuring brands on its site that follow compliance standards and provide safer gambling tools to aid in consumer protection. It has been promoting the best bingo sites in the UK since 2002 and is trusted by both consumers and operators.

As part of the partnership, Better Change will provide ongoing training to XLMedia staff to promote safer gambling best practices and ensure they are educated through key consumer research, safe gaming tactics, and innovative technology.

For Better Change, their Positive Play program seeks to uphold the reputation of the gambling industry and enhance the customer experience while protecting against unintended negative consequences of increased regulation that can stigmatize gambling and disengage its consumers.

Karen Tyrrell, chief people and operations officer at WhichBingo, stated, “WhichBingo.co.uk exists to provide our audiences with hours of entertainment and fun, and key to protecting that entertainment is for us to ensure that wherever we can, we act in a safe and responsible way.”

David Richardson, head of strategic partnerships for Better Change, added, “Better Change is excited to be partnering with XLMedia to continue our work in preventing gambling harm through the promotion of positive play. By working with like-minded and trusted organisations such as XLMedia, we aim to educate, empower, and inform people who enjoy responsible gambling as well as those who work in gambling.”

Overall, the partnership between WhichBingo and Better Change aims to promote a safer and more responsible approach to gambling, ensuring that it remains an enjoyable pastime for everyone involved.