Tiny Nick’s Top Gambling Selections for 11/10

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been dominating on defense to start the season, now the best in the NBA for defensive rating. Despite this, they have been able to score big numbers against weaker opponents, as seen in their games against the Jazz and Pelicans. With the Spurs ranking 29th in defensive rating, it is likely that the Timberwolves will be able to run up the score, especially since San Antonio’s opponents are 7-1 over their team total while averaging 125.9 PPG. The Timberwolves’ strong defense is holding down the full-game total and isolated numbers. Meanwhile, in NCAA basketball, Purdue is expected to have a big lead at halftime against Morehead State, just like they did in their game against Samford. Texas A&M-Commerce is expected to be easily defeated by Kentucky, with Coach Cal expected to keep the pedal down. Similarly, Louisville is not expected to perform well against Chattanooga due to poor defense. On the other hand, Iowa is likely to have a significant lead at halftime against Alabama State. Lastly, LSU and Nicholls State are expected to have a high-scoring game, with a total of over 146.5. Oklahoma will also likely have a high-scoring game against Mississippi Valley State.