Three Vietnamese men in Tacoma, Washington, outsmart armed robbers during gambling session

The news event occurred at a home on Alaska Avenue in Tacoma, Washington when two armed robbers attempted to stick up three Vietnamese men who were gambling. When the robbers arrived, they interrupted the card game that the men were involved in.

A surveillance video captured the incident, showing two men wearing hoodies entering the garage and pointing a gun at the men who were sitting behind a table with cards, chips, and a board. One of the robbers threatened the men, telling them to freeze, while the gamblers appeared surprised and begged not to be shot. The situation escalated when one of the men raised his hands in the air and expressed his disbelief with profanity.

Later in the ordeal, the robbers demanded that the men hand over their phones, keys, and money. As one of the gamblers began emptying his pockets, one of the armed robbers waved his gun in the air and struck one of the men in the head.

A violent brawl broke out as the robbers yelled at the men to hurry up and lay down. The men claimed that there were two other individuals involved who were waiting in a getaway car outside the garage. After the altercation, two of the robbers were arrested. It remains unclear if the other assailants were apprehended by the police.

The video was shared on Instagram and garnered over 26,000 likes. Many viewers commended the gamblers’ bravery in defending themselves against the armed robbers, while some found the situation amusing. Commentators also made light-hearted remarks about the event, joking about the strength and bravery displayed by the men during the robbery.

Prior to the robbery, the men were seen enjoying pizza and drinks, leading to light-hearted commentary from observers. Overall, the incident provided a mix of drama and humor, leaving an impression on those who watched it.

The incident has garnered a lot of attention on social media, with the video being widely shared and sparking both admiration for the men’s bravery and amusement at the situation.