Suspect from Laramie County’s ‘Most Wanted’ List Captured at Casino

A Cheyenne man who was wanted by the authorities has been apprehended after he was seen gambling in north central Cheyenne. The man, 46-year-old James Roy Little, was spotted at the Derby Club Gaming Parlor located at 1510 E. Pershing Blvd. last Thursday night, Nov. 9.

Officer Peden of the Cheyenne Police was called to the gaming parlor after receiving the tip about Little’s presence. Peden immediately recognized Little and called him by name, prompting Little to attempt to walk away. However, Peden managed to apprehend him and found a glass pipe and a wooden box with suspected marijuana residue in Little’s pocket during a search.

Little was already wanted on a felony warrant for allegedly violating the terms of his bond in a burglary case and was also served with a prior city summons for petitioning on a roadway. As a result, Little was booked into the Laramie County Detention Center on the warrant and the city summons.

As of Monday afternoon, a bond revocation hearing for Little had not yet been scheduled. It remains unclear whether Little has legal representation at this time.

This incident highlights the severity of gambling addiction, as it led to the apprehension of a wanted individual. Anyone struggling with gambling addiction is encouraged to seek help by calling 1-800-GAMBLER or visiting for assistance. The consequences of addiction can be severe, but there are resources available to help those in need.