Steer Clear of Week 11’s Faulty Gambling Tips

Last week was not a good one for the under on the scores, with teams suddenly deciding to score a ton of points. Despite this, the predictions for this week’s games are still being made. The premise of this column is that gambling is bad and should be avoided. The future of sports broadcasting is uncertain as the Barstoolization of sports media continues. The announcers of the games could potentially heckle the athletes on air because they lost a bet, which can be seen as a negative for sports broadcasting. In addition, SB Nation has closed half of the blogs that cover SEC teams, but there is a DraftKings-sponsored score line at the top of the page.

The predictions for this week’s game include Vanderbilt at South Carolina, where the prediction is that Vanderbilt will perform poorly. Alabama at Kentucky is another game being watched closely, with the prediction being that Alabama will dominate. Tennessee at Missouri will see a close game, with the prediction being that Missouri will win. Ole Miss at Georgia is another game to watch, with the prediction being that Georgia will win but Ole Miss will cover the spread. West Virginia at Oklahoma will see Oklahoma win but West Virginia will cover the spread. Mississippi State at Texas A&M will see Texas A&M win. Florida at LSU will see LSU win. Lastly, Texas at TCU will see Texas win.

These predictions are just based on the trends and performances of the teams, and as always with sports, anything can happen on game day.