“Sliker Opens Up About Struggle with Gambling Addiction: ‘I Lost Control'” – BeckaTV Interview

BeckaTV of kick star had an opportunity to sit down and speak with Sliker, a Twitch streamer who had fallen from grace due to a severe gambling addiction that led to him scamming fans and fellow creators out of money. Prominent Twitch streamer ‘Sliker’ was accused of scamming his fans out of thousands of dollars, which was confirmed when he went live with an emotional apology admitting to the scam. Following the incident, Twitch received backlash for allowing gambling on its platform and eventually tweaked its rules. Sliker’s partnership with Twitch was revoked and he was subsequently banned from the platform. His situation garnered attention from other streamers who offered to repay his victims.

During the interview, Sliker confessed to scamming numerous people to support his crippling gambling addiction. He admitted to asking high-profile streamers, viewers, and even his own family for money. Sliker said he gambled constantly, even in inappropriate places such as hospitals and funerals. He revealed that the addiction had taken a huge toll on his mental health and caused him to have suicidal thoughts. His family’s trust in him has been broken as a result, and he has lost control of his own finances.

Moving forward, Sliker is seeking to make amends for his actions and is focusing on clearing his debts. He admitted that he still owes money to some people. After seeking therapy and dealing with his debt, Sliker is now streaming on Kick, which he feels gives him more freedom than Twitch and wants to make things right with those he has wronged. He is determined to turn his life around and plans to become a full-time IRL streamer, focusing on the future while reflecting on how his gambling addiction has negatively impacted him. It is something that he plans to move past in order to continue his career.