RGAA: Promoting Responsible Gambling as a Leading Affiliate Association

The creation of the Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association (RGAA) has been officially announced by six major US gambling affiliates, marking the formation of a trade association dedicated to advocating for reasonable regulation, responsible advertising, and consumer protection.

The RGAA aims to foster an environment in which gambling affiliate companies can meet the commercial needs of the regulated online gambling market. This includes championing responsible gambling marketing and advertising practices, influencing sensible regulation, and protecting consumer interests, all while effectively participating in the market.

Founding members of the RGAA include Better Collective, Catena Media, Gambling.com Group, oddschecker Global Media, Spotlight Sports Group, and XLMedia plc. These companies have recognized the need for affiliate marketing providers to engage in broader industry initiatives to advocate for sensible advertising regulation, which balances consumer protection and the practicalities of digital advertising.

The trade association is built on five strategic pillars, including the promotion of competitive gambling markets, industry education, consumer protection, empowerment, and choice, advertising codes of conduct, and responsible business practices.

The Association is currently in the process of hiring a permanent President to act as the figurehead of the organization and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of responsible affiliate practices. This includes advocating the needs and interests of its members, fostering collaboration with industry stakeholders, and advocating for the highest standards of integrity.

Founding members of the RGAA have expressed their commitment to promoting responsible, positive gambling experiences through legal, regulated operators in the US. They believe that affiliate companies play a critical role in providing consumers with choice while supporting regulated online gambling operators to reach customers and grow their business.

The trade association’s mission is to make it possible for gambling affiliate companies to influence sensible regulation, protect consumer interests, and foster an environment where gambling affiliate companies can effectively participate in the market. It aims to do this by championing responsible gambling marketing and advertising practices.

The RGAA represents an essential step for affiliate marketing providers to come together and advocate for sensible regulation that will benefit the industry, its consumers, and society as a whole. It ensures that ethical marketing practices are upheld while also serving the commercial needs of the broader gambling industry.