Police Take Strong Action Against Illegal Gambling Operations: The Tribune India

A major crackdown on illegal gambling in Jalandhar has led to the arrest of 22 people by the CIA staff of the city police. The raids were conducted in areas under the jurisdiction of the Police Commissionerate with the aim of quelling unlawful practices such as lottery and gambling ahead of Diwali.

During the raids, 16 individuals were arrested at a house near Babrik Chowk, while six others were arrested from a house at Bhargo Camp. The police recovered an amount of Rs 2.88 lakh and four sets of playing cards from the individuals. The arrested individuals have been identified as Ram Saroop, Bharat Bhushan, Sham Lal, Saurav, Bunty, Jagdish, Vinod, Jatinder, Pawan, Avlal, Amandeep, Sunil, Himanshu, Rajinder, Subhash, Surinderpal, Suraj, Rinku, Sonu, Sudesh, Lalit, and Ramesh. They have been booked under Sections 13, 3, and 67 of the Punjab Gambling Act.

Further investigations are ongoing, and the police are conducting more raids to arrest other individuals involved in these illegal practices.

The crackdown is part of a broader effort to crack down on illegal gambling in the region and ensure that law and order are maintained, especially in the run-up to the Diwali festival. The police are committed to ensuring the safety and security of the public and will continue to take action against those involved in illicit activities.