NCAA Revises Gambling Rule, Shannon and Wrestlers Still Suspended

Recently, the NCAA made changes to their guidelines for student-athletes who have been involved with wagering on teams at their school. These new guidelines will require a one-year suspension and a loss of eligibility for student-athletes who are found to have wagered on teams at their school, excluding their own team.

The new rules represent a significant change from previous guidelines, which imposed permanent ineligibility for such cases. These updated guidelines will also require student-athletes to participate in sports wagering rules and prevention education as a condition for reinstatement.

As a result of these changes, currently-suspended Iowa senior defensive tackle Noah Shannon will not be returning to the field of play. Shannon had just one year of eligibility left and had returned to practice during the rule review process. However, the new guidelines mean that Shannon will not be able to compete for Iowa.

The updated guidelines were announced as part of an ongoing investigation into sports-wagering in the state of Iowa. The investigation has also affected members of the Iowa men’s wrestling team, with two wrestlers, Abe Assad and Nelson Brands, facing year-long suspensions as a result of their involvement in the investigation.

The new guidelines represent a reversal from previous discussions by the NCAA regarding the reform of reinstatement guidelines. Draft concepts that were being considered just a month ago suggested the elimination of penalties leading to a loss of eligibility or competition for a first-time offense, and potential withholding penalties for a second offense, depending on the amount of the bets involved.

The sudden change in the NCAA’s stance on reinstatement guidelines has led to questions about the organization’s commitment to prioritizing student-athlete health and well-being. These recent developments have raised concerns about the impact of the changes on student-athletes and their eligibility to compete in sports.