Massachusetts Lottery tickets available for purchase through a third-party app

Jackpocket allows you to participate in the Massachusetts Lottery from your phone, making it more convenient than ever. Just like Uber Eats delivers food to your door, Jackpocket acts as the middle man, allowing you to buy lottery tickets, create pools, and follow drawings all from your phone. Jackpocket is now available in Massachusetts, and CEO Peter Sullivan says the app aims to make playing the lottery more convenient for everyone.

Sullivan, who was inspired to create Jackpocket after years of watching his family play the lottery, started the app in 2012. Jackpocket first launched in New York and has since expanded to 17 states, including Massachusetts. After undergoing a validation process for age verification and location tracking, users can load money onto the app and purchase lottery tickets. Jackpocket makes its profit by charging a 9% fee every time money is loaded onto the app.

Jackpocket partners with the Boston Red Sox and Circle K, and the app was introduced in Massachusetts in July 2021. Massachusetts was a logical choice for the app because of its high per capita spending on the lottery.

While the introduction of Jackpocket is a convenient option for playing the lottery, experts are concerned about the potential public health risks posed by the app. The convenience of having the lottery accessible through an app on your phone means that those at risk for gambling disorder may be more likely to succumb to the temptation to gamble. This direct access, experts say, may increase the chances of casual gamblers becoming problem gamblers.

Experts are also concerned about the impact of the app on young people, comparing its allure to that of e-cigarettes. The danger lies in the fact that a gambling product has been turned into an app, which may be more appealing to a younger generation.

However, Jackpocket has implemented features certified by the National Council on Problem Gambling in an effort to promote responsible gambling. These features include player-set spending limits, self-exclusion options, and the ability to ban oneself from using the app. While these tools may not work for everyone, experts believe that they are meaningful and underutilized.

In conclusion, while the Jackpocket app aims to make playing the lottery more convenient, experts have cautioned about the potential public health risks posed by the app. The concern is based on the fact that the app makes gambling more accessible, particularly for those at risk for gambling disorder. Additionally, turning lottery tickets into an app format may make them more appealing to young people, which poses a significant public health threat.