Local author writes new book detailing the NHL’s most devastating gambling scandal

Former curator at Leacock Museum, Fred Addis, has penned a new book chronicling what he calls “the worst gambling scandal in the history of the National Hockey League.” The book, titled Gallinger A Life Suspended, focuses on the life and career of Don Gallinger, a former player for the Boston Bruins who was suspended for life due to his involvement with gamblers.

Addis, who hails from Orillia, was inspired to write about Gallinger after carrying his story with him for 25 years. The author worked closely with Gallinger’s two sons to produce the manuscript, which was released on Nov. 2 in Boston.

Gallinger, who was a standout player for the Boston Bruins, had his career cut short at the age of 22 after being accused of associating with gamblers. Addis points out that despite Gallinger’s appeals to the NHL, his suspension lasted for 22 years. The author believes that Gallinger’s punishment was “far out of proportion to the misdeeds he allegedly committed.”

The book aims to showcase Gallinger’s side of the story and shed light on the impact of the suspension on his life. Addis explains that the scandal tainted everything Gallinger touched, leading to the ruin of his marriage and estrangement from his family. Despite spending a lifetime trying to recover his lost reputation, Gallinger ultimately passed away in 2000.

Addis hopes that his book will offer a different perspective on the scandal, one that isn’t told from the NHL’s point of view. He will be discussing Gallinger’s story at the Orillia Museum of Art and History on Nov. 30.

The book, available for $26, can be purchased at the OMAH gift shop or online, as well as Manticore Books. Although Gallinger’s story ends with no redemption, Addis believes it’s a tale worth telling.