Jefferson County exposed to ‘rampant’ illegal gambling, highlighting demand for state enforcement

Alabama House Speaker Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville) has been addressing the issue of illegal gambling in the state, as reported by Erica Thomas for 1819 News. He expressed concern about the proliferation of illegal gambling operations and the involvement of organized crime due to the lack of a regulatory commission.

Initially, Ledbetter suspected there were 50-60 illegal gambling operations statewide, but a special committee discovered that the problem was larger than anticipated. In Jefferson County alone, the committee found almost 70 bingo operations, leading Ledbetter to estimate that there are over 100 in total.

The situation in Jefferson County attracted the attention of the Alabama Attorney General’s Office, which conducted investigations and raids on multiple bingo halls. However, Sheriff Mark Pettway had previously chosen not to shut down these operations, citing a focus on more serious and violent crimes.

Following the raids, the Jefferson County Commission decided against renewing business licenses for bingo halls, and Sheriff Pettway committed to shutting them down. Ledbetter emphasized the need to prioritize shutting down illegal gambling operations, as they often involve more serious criminal activity, such as the recent case of a woman dying from drugs laced with fentanyl that were sold to her in connection with a gambling operation.

To address the issue, discussions have centered on the creation of a regulatory body to oversee gaming, with an enforcement arm to tackle the problem directly. Ledbetter stressed the importance of enforcement in curbing the rampant illegal gambling activities.

Looking ahead, the 2024 legislative session, set to convene on the first Tuesday in February, could provide an opportunity to address the issue legislatively.

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