Iowa Breaks Yet Another Gambling Record, Leading to Embarrassment – OutKick

Iowa’s Offense Continues to Struggle, Setting Low Over/Under Lines

The Iowa Hawkeyes’ dismal offense has become a recurring punchline in the gambling world. Their inability to score points has led to multiple games this season with shockingly low over/under lines.

In their recent game against Northwestern, the over/under line opened at a historic low of 29.5 points. Despite the low expectations, the Hawkeyes managed to pull off a 10-7 victory, improving their record to 7-2.

However, the line for their upcoming game against Rutgers is even lower. It opened at Circa at 28.5 points, making it the lowest over/under line ever recorded since tracking began.

This means that Iowa has now played in two consecutive games with record low opening over/under lines. The team’s offense has consistently struggled, making it a fixture of their identity over the years.

Head coach Kirk Ferentz’s team is known for its solid and tough defense, but their offense has always been underwhelming. In conference play, they are averaging a mere 13.5 points per game, a shockingly low number for a Division 1 team.

Offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz, who is in his final year with the team, will be bidding farewell after the season. The Hawkeyes’ lackluster offensive performance can be seen in their touchdown statistics. They have thrown only seven touchdowns and rushed for just eight touchdowns in nine games.

Quarterback Deacon Hill has struggled, completing only 41.6% of his passes and recording three passing touchdowns to four interceptions. His quarterback rating (QBR) for the season is a dismal 9.9.

As the team prepares for their next game against Rutgers, they are now facing another record low over/under line. The situation has become so embarrassing for Iowa that their fans are left in a state of dismay. Best wishes go out to the supporters of the Hawkeyes as they hope for a better offensive performance this weekend.