Get Ready for NFL Week 10: Preview and Picks for Sunday Morning Games

Get ready for Week 10 in the NFL with the latest episode of the NFL Gambling Podcast. Hosted by Ryan “Moneyline” Mac and JMark, the podcast is back to preview the morning games and make their picks for the upcoming matchups.

As the hosts dive into the episode, they discuss the first seven NFL games of the Sunday slate and analyze how different headlines could possibly affect the outcomes of the games. Listeners can expect to hear discussions on which underdog teams are likely to cover the spread, as well as which favored teams are expected to come out on top. Tune in to hear which games the hosts agree on and where their predictions differ.

The games under discussion in the episode include the Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots (Germany Game), Houston Texans vs. Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans vs. Tampa Bay Bucs, San Francisco 49ers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, and Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens.

After thoroughly analyzing each matchup, the hosts share their lock, dog, and teaser picks for the games. Additionally, they announce a Moneyline round-robin parlay, featuring not just three teams, but three underdog teams that could potentially lead to a 7/1 payout.

Listeners can catch the full episode and get all the insights and predictions by tuning in to the NFL Gambling Podcast. The episode is available for streaming on Spotify for an in-depth look at the Week 10 morning games preview and picks. Whether you’re looking to stay informed on the latest NFL matchups or interested in making some wagers of your own, this episode has you covered.