Chikoti Praveen Earns Theology Doctorate While Working in the Casino Industry

Chikoti Praveen, a well-known figure associated with casinos and high-profile gambling, has recently made headlines for receiving a doctorate from the United Theological Research Institute University of California. This comes after his reported arrest in Thailand for gambling and previous raids on his residence by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on suspicion of his involvement in hawala money. Despite these controversies, he joined the BJP and has now been honored with a doctorate.

The felicitation ceremony took place at Taj Deccan, where Chikoti Praveen expressed his delight at receiving the doctorate. However, this development has left many on social media confused, with questions arising about the basis for awarding him the said doctorate from a ‘theological research’ university.

During his doctorate acceptance speech, Chikoti Praveen spoke about his love for animals and snakes, emphasizing the need to protect them. He also made statements regarding the health benefits of cow dung and urine, while condemning the allegations against him in relation to the ED raids.

This unexpected turn of events has sparked discussions and raised eyebrows, with many wondering about the legitimacy and criteria for awarding Chikoti Praveen a doctorate. The combination of his background in gambling, political affiliations, and now this academic recognition has generated widespread interest and curiosity. The news of Chikoti Praveen’s doctorate has certainly created a buzz on social media and other platforms.