Authorities in Singapore make new arrests in ongoing crackdown on illegal gambling

Singapore Police Force Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling, Arrests 32 Individuals and Seizes SGD1 Million

In an effort to combat illegal gambling activities, the Singapore Police Force conducted a series of targeted raids across the country, resulting in the arrest of 32 individuals and the seizure of SGD1 million (US$737,400) in cash and assets. The operations, which took place on Sunday and Monday, were aimed at disrupting both the organizers and participants of illicit gambling.

According to the Singapore Police Force, the raids were carried out at a minimum of nine locations, uncovering an extensive network involved in illegal betting. The arrested individuals are now facing charges related to their alleged roles in facilitating and participating in illicit gambling activities. Additionally, electronic devices used in conducting the illicit activities, such as computers and mobile phones, were confiscated as part of the investigation.

These recent raids are part of a larger initiative launched by the police three weeks ago, which targeted 21 locations across Singapore and focused on dismantling a sizable horse race betting ring. In that operation, 126 individuals suspected of involvement in the illicit activities were identified, and SGD69,000 (US$58,880) in connection to the operation was seized.

The comprehensive nature of these efforts indicates a concerted push by authorities to dismantle the immediate operations and attack the infrastructure supporting illegal gambling networks. The Singapore Police Force remains committed to addressing the issue of illegal gambling and its associated criminal activities.

As the investigations progress, the arrested individuals are expected to face legal proceedings, and the seized assets will likely be subject to forfeiture. The police are urging the public to report any suspicious activities related to illegal gambling. The crackdown on illegal gambling is indicative of the police’s ongoing vigilance, and it is likely that the judicial system won’t show a lot of leniency to those involved. The sentence for offering an illegal gambling or betting operation is up to five years in prison and a fine of up to SGD200,000 (US$147,540), while users can face up to six months in jail and be fined up to SGD10,000 (US$7,377).