Alabama Residents Engage in Shootout Over Gambling Dispute as BSC Offers Hope

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Now, let’s get to some news. Gambling packages introduced in the Alabama Legislature have been broad outlines of a potential future gaming industry that Alabama voters would find acceptable. However, they have all failed. In the next legislative session, lawmakers might consider the creation of a regulatory body to rein in illegal gambling.

State Rep. Andy Whitt and a group of House members are considering this approach, as the state already has many forms of illegal gambling that need to be addressed. However, anti-gambling groups are skeptical, saying this is just a cover for legalization and won’t solve the problem of illegal gambling.

In other news, there was a shootout on Interstate 59 in Birmingham last Friday during rush hour. Police believe a stolen car led to the shooting, and four people were injured.

On a more positive note, Birmingham-Southern College received some optimism last week, with school officials telling students to enroll in spring courses with confidence. The college recently faced financial difficulties but is now receiving financial help from private donors and organizations.

In terms of numbers, 21 candidates filed to run for the U.S. House of Representatives in Alabama’s redrawn District 2, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham received a record-high of $775 million in research grant and award money this year.

Finally, if you’re interested in history, here are some notable people who were born on this date: Congressman James T. Rapier in 1837, “World’s Greatest Archer” Howard Hill in 1899, and writer and publisher William Bradford Huie in 1910. And don’t forget to take the Week in Review Quiz and check out the podcast.