32 individuals in Mumbai booked for fraud and gambling in connection with Mahadev betting app

Mumbai police have filed a case against 32 individuals, including the promoter of the Mahadev betting app, on charges of fraud and gambling. Among those named in the case are prominent businessmen Saurabh Chandrakar, Ravi Uppal, and Shubh Soni. The complaint was filed by Prakash Bankar, a social worker from Matunga, who alleged that people were defrauded of Rs 15,000 crore through the app.

The accused individuals face charges under sections 420, 465, 467, 468, 471, and 120 (B) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). It has been claimed that illegal earnings worth crores were made through illegal gambling and other games facilitated by the app. Additionally, it is alleged that the accused used hawala transactions to receive money every month.

This is not the first run-in with the law for the Mahadev app. Earlier, The Noida Police had booked 18 accused in the Mahadev App case under the provisions of the Uttar Pradesh Gangsters and Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act. The Directorate of Enforcement (ED) is also investigating the Mahadev Book Online Betting APP syndicate, stating that the promoters of this betting syndicate are allegedly sitting abroad and remotely running thousands of panels across India with the help of their friends and associates.

According to the ED, they have already arrested 4 accused persons and seized proceeds of crime worth more than Rs 450 Crore. There is also an ongoing investigation regarding allegations that large amounts of cash have been moved by the app’s promoters during the Chhattisgarh Assembly Elections.

The ED claims that from the questioning of Asim Das, who was intercepted while allegedly sent from the UAE to deliver a large amount of cash for electioneering expenses of the ruling Congress Party, it has come to light that around Rs 508 Crore have allegedly been paid by Mahadev APP Promoters to Bhupesh Baghel, Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh. The case remains ongoing as investigations continue.